Are you tired, irritable, out of sorts, have you gained weight, noticed hair loss, bloating, trouble sleeping, foggy thinking and trouble concentrating? You just don’t feel like yourself?

Have you had routine tests done and been told everything is “normal” although you don’t feel normal?

By working together, my goal is to understand your unique symptoms, measure your current state of health and hormones, and then carefully balance your hormones so that your uncomfortable and bothersome hormonal symptoms can be resolved.

I will also address healthy lifestyle issues, and suggest other natural ways to improve your overall health. I want to treat you as a whole person, in order to optimize your health and wellbeing!

Thank you for your interest in Refined Balance and I look forward to assisting you in this journey.

Kay Morris, M.D.


We use ZRT Laboratory for our painless saliva testing. They have a wealth of information on their website. Please visit them at www.zrtlab.com

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